Food, health , and traveling are my biggest passion.

I love going on adventures to explore different cultures, foods, people, and landscapes. I traveled to different corners of the world, eager to find the most beautiful beaches, forests, mountains and cliffs. Follow me on my quest for the perfect beach.

The part of the Italian culinary tradition that is internationally known is probably one of the easiest to “veganize”. Adapting all the Italian classic dishes to make them vegan was a breeze, so I decided to take on more challenges, getting inspired by the flavors I discovered around the world. Here are some of my successful experiments in the kitchen that I had to share.

As an Italian, I grew up eating a lot of pasta and rice, so going plant-based was really easy for me. The transitioning from a standard diet to a vegan one took less than a month. The main reason I went plant-based is for my health. There is so much scientific evidence out there, that it becomes impossible to ignore it.